Bryant Wells is a designer(??) based in New York City. He makes graphic and interactive things.

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Triple Seven 1

Mapping the occurrence of rail accidents involving hazmat train cars over the last few decades. Data collected from the Federal Railroad Administration, Office of Safety Analysis.

Tekken Ui 1
Tekken Ui 2
Tekken Ui 3

A book of postcards bookending the life cycle of a digital artifact. Each postcard is composed using found images of open pit mines from around the world and interface elements extracted from Tekken 7 for PC (Bandai Namco).

Design and development for Combo Offices, Inc.

Storefront 1

Graphic identity and print design for "Work In Progress," a group show addressing the addressing the rapid development and redevelopment of New York City.

Flatiron 1
Flatiron 2

An autonomous identity and mobile web concept for prospective installation at Flatiron Plaza by Annie Barrett. The logomark skews to communicate information about the installation. The mobile website uses geolocation to point towards the Plaza, contracting and expanding given the distance from, and orientation to the installation.

Korg Trax

Artwork for the Korg Trax EP by DJ Sinceer, released on Search Party Records.

An experiment in interactive and communicative typography.

Insm Lookbook 1
Insm Lookbook 8
Insm Lookbook 13 Copy
Insm Lookbook 5

Graphic identity, soft goods design, and art direction for the "All Wins No Losses" capsule collection in collaboration with The Insomniacs Music Group (Cincinnati, OH).

Location Huron
Location Morocco
Location Waddington

Series using google maps found imagery as the basis for visual exploration around the metadata used to describe a location.